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Brainstorming ideas, spreading knowledge, and empowering success in one another. AWD strives for selfless devotion towards nourishing a space that supports the next generation of web developers.


Whether you're neck-deep in full-stack adaptive design or just getting started with "Hello World!", AWD promotes a collaborative and engaging environment that will help you learn, regardless of skill level.

Web Developers

Others tend to place web development into the "programming" category, we place a spotlight on design. Projects you develop at AWD will give you the "Wow!" factor employers are seeking.

What Can We Do For You?


Weekly workshops allowing you to gain hands-on experience in web development and design.


Real semester-long projects led by seasoned product managers, using a consistent tech stack and held to realistic deadlines.

News and Events

APIs 101 Thumbnail

APIs 101

with Postman

APIs power the web! Join AWD and Postman for a presentation on APIs as well as their effects in the technology sphere.

Semester Wrap-Up Thumbnail

Semester Wrap-Up

Projects, Contest Winners, and More

Join AWD for the final meeting of the Spring 2020 Semester! This semester will feature an update on projects, the announcement of our contest winners, as well as information about the summer and future semesters!