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Brainstorming ideas, spreading knowledge, and empowering success in one another. AWD strives for selfless devotion towards nourishing a space that supports the next generation of web developers.


Whether you're neck-deep in full-stack adaptive design or just getting started with "Hello World!", AWD promotes a collaborative and engaging environment that will help you learn, regardless of skill level.

Web Developers

Others tend to place web development into the "programming" category, we place a spotlight on design. Projects you develop at AWD will give you the "Wow!" factor employers are seeking.

What Can We Do For You?


Weekly workshops allowing you to gain hands-on experience in web development and design.


Real semester-long projects led by seasoned product managers, using a consistent tech stack and held to realistic deadlines.

News and Events

Project Signups OPEN Thumbnail

Project Signups OPEN

Signup for a Project Today

Project signups are open! We'll be giving more information on Tuesday, but signup for a project here. We plan to keep apps open for a couple of weeks.

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Git Gud

A Git + GitHub Workshop

Learning git and GitHub can be challenging — using it on a team? Even more so! Come out for our second annual 'Git Gud' workshop to demystify what version control is all about.